Full Throttle Motorsports
Owner ??
Leagues Sprint Cup Custom Car League, IndyCar V2 Custom Car League
Current Drivers Ike Durbin, Kelvin Roddick, Durango Whitten, Ryo Akuzaru, Sean Durbin
Notable Former Drivers
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Full Throttle Motorsports is an International Motorsports team based in Los Angeles, California. They participate in the Sprint Cup Series fielding two cars, the 82 of Kelvin Roddick and the 86 of Ike Durbin. The also field three cars in the Indycar series, the 32 of Durango Whitten, the 82 of Ryo Akuzaru, and the 83 of Sean Durbin.

The team has scored one win in the 2012 SCS Season with Kelvin Roddick.